Wife seeking nsa TX Deport 75435

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If so, we are a great match. Seeking ages yrs. Who am I? Im an unapologetic, obsessed, big breast lover.

Wife seeking nsa TX Deport 75435

I love all large types, all sizes. From the perky college student type, to the "enhanced" type, to the more mature, massive, saggy type with large areolas, there isnt a big set I wont like. The bigger the better! What this is not is a sugar daddy arrangement, or something to be your primary source to pay your bills every month.

Im not looking for a relationship type of companion. What I am looking for is a companion who is looking to supplement their funds regularly in a discreet, absolutely no strings attached, safe, light carefree way, and is proud of their chest.

Im a very easy man to please. Im NOT new to this experience. I know how to keep my mouth shut, am not clingy, and know how to take care of the rare women who share my interest VERY generous. Whether you are a nervous newbie, or an experienced lady who doesnt play games I am the IDEAL new friend to have ;- so if this sounds like something youd want to explore and want more details please reply with your description pic.

I will reply in kind with more details. Lets have some fun!! Description: Harley guy seeks highly sexual, bi or bi curious girlfriend If you are a bi sexual woman or bi curious, weight proportionate to height, fun, happy, healthy and would like to be in a relationship with a handsome, fun, nice guy, please feel free to say hello.

You should also enjoy the outdoors doing things like hiking, kayaking, riding on the back of my Harley or alongside me on your bike. I am open to sharing any of your interests and hobbies as well. Sexually speaking, please be bi or bi curious. It would be fun to include another man, woman or couple in our fun from time to time.

Wife seeking nsa TX Deport 75435

I am a shade over 6' tall and weigh about friendly, social drinker. I have a very open mind, easy going, confident, upbeat and always up for fun and adventure. Please no BBW's. Please include a photo with your reply. Description: Nerdy white guy looking for a gal pal Heya, ladies. Hard to get a response on here, because I try to be as honest as possible and lay everything out. I'm not the most attractive guy in the world because I'm kinda pudgy and shorter, but I have a cute, younger face and nerdy demeanor.

Which goes along with being a geeky guy fairly well. Computers, video games, TV shows and movies and the like, love that sorta stuff with my free time. Anyway, looking for pretty much anyone and everyone right now. I've fairly open interests when it comes to looks and all. If you're reading this and are somewhat interested, just let me know what your desires are. I'm open to pretty much everything, from friends on up, as I'm unattached and lonely at the moment.

Wife wants for sex Dont mind driving. Description: Looking for you I'm just going to throw this out there because I feel that honesty is the best way to go. I am a 41 year old bisexual man looking for a relationship with woman my age or younger with an open mind. I prefer to think of it as just having a dual core processor with expanded options. I prefer women but I fall in love with people and follow my heart. I am fiercely loyal and monogamous, and I don't on anyone I'm with. I am in a unique place in life. First and foremost, I must say that I am on the sex offender list, I cannot and will not lie or hide that.

I'm not a dangerous person, I did not do what I was accused of. But 21 years ago I was accused by a vicious family member whom I still hate. I waspoor, and had no way to defend myself and was bullied into accepting a plea. I had no other real option but damage control. There was no list at that time and I thought I could start my life over, boy was I ever wrong. If you can't believe that or that there are people by these laws don't respond.

Wife seeking nsa TX Deport 75435

I'm looking for someone that is understanding and open minded anyway. My friends, and the people who know me trust me. I am coming out of a relationship with an older man. He is disabled in a wheelchair and has nobody else to care for him and I cannot bring myself to abandon him with no help, even at the risk of terminal.

Wife seeking nsa TX Deport 75435

This is my loyalty but I have hope. I still live here because it is economiy better than paying for two separate houses, but emotionally we are just friends now. I know that is also hard to accept but my actions speak louder than words and I won't abandon you either, when I find you.

That's how I'm built. Besides that, we've owned two different trucking companies together, and failed at both so it's partly my fault he's in such poor financial state and I'm just not a big enough asshole to leave him hanging and desperate. That said, I'm 41 and I'd like to meet a great woman and start a relationship. I have been thinking about trying to start or have a family. But I'm in no hurry, that's just to say I'm open minded about that so if you haveit's ok. I no longer own a truck but I have a good job. I drive from central Illinois to Kansas City or six days a week.

I just came through an extended period without work and had to sell my last truck so I have some bills piled up that I'm seriously chewing away at. But my work schedule limits how much time I have to play. I'd rather spend more time on the getting to know you at first anyway. I'd like to go slow, sex isn't a huge motivating factor for me.

I'm needy. There I said it. And I'm looking for someone that's slightly needy too, so I don't drive them away or just crazy. I'm not the jealous type, I would rather be able to trust you and have faith in you than feel I had to be controlling. I don't want to take YOU for granted, I want to take for granted that you are mine and that you are solid with me.

I'm not afraid to embrace my feminine side. It's my nature to be nurturing and caring but I still have all my goofy masculine traits too, such as starting fifty projects I never finish.

Wife seeking nsa TX Deport 75435

I just like to cuddle while I'm. But I'm not girly, I stand and fight for what I believe in when it's prudent and I don't let people walk on me. I'm emotional and wear them on my sleeve. Sometimes I'm still kinda shy. I'm an intelligent man that sometimes fails to use it.

But I love to talk about things and get deep if that's where the conversion goes.

Wife seeking nsa TX Deport 75435

I have a quirky sense of humor and a dirty mind sometimes. I like doing things outdoors. Camping and fishing and barbecues and hiking and stuff like that, but I don't like doing those things alone so I rarely do. I'm somewhat of a computer geek.

I like online gaming but I don't waste my life on them.

Wife seeking nsa TX Deport 75435

email: [email protected] - phone:(659) 282-8082 x 8449

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