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Queer indigenous activist and musician Black Belt Eagle Scout is creating anthemic rock songs while proudly standing in the sunbeams of their intersectional identity.

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We caught up with Black Belt Eagle Scout after their Los Angeles tour stop at the Bootleg Theater and shortly following the release of their first solo album. I read something about you not feeling any anxiety about being tokenized as Native American in this industry. Can you tell me a little about that, and does the same go for the other aspects that make up your intersectional identity like femininity, queerness, or openness as a polyamorist? I want more indigenous people to know more about me. I want people to see how indigenous music can evolve and how it can be different than just our cultural music.

I want to not just survive, but to thrive. I think also that in terms of my sexuality and how I am in relationships, a lot of the feelings that went into the album Mother of My Childrenthose are feelings of openness and feeling and being loving to people and feeling heartbreak. Looking back, what I meant is I want people to say my identity. I want people to talk about who I am, I want my identity to be known. I call it my queer anthem.

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So that song, the end of it, I go into this huge guitar solo. I was listening back to it and I realized that I forgot to record two verses, the singing part of it. So when I play it live, I sing the verses. I have to sort of think about it. Can you read the first lyrics? Even Democrats — even Democrats in government will do shady things. I think that once people have power, they just think they can do whatever they want. They can erase lives and they can do those things to people who are working so hard so that you know, they can take advantage of them.

I have friends who identify as trans and especially within native culture. They can identify as two-spirit but they can also feel like they feel more comfortable identifying as trans. It makes me angry. So sometimes what gets shared is mainly regional to me. One of my really good friends, their name is Demian DineYazhi.

My friend introduced us because I think that they thought I needed more queer, native friends. We decided to meet up and then we realized that we loved a lot of the same music and that we kind of had similar histories of growing up with music and we really bonded over that. Follow everything that they do. I consider them somebody who people need to know more about and have present in their lives. Were you fortunate enough to have any role models growing up that were queer and Native American? Only until I moved to Portland and immersed myself within native culture here in Portland did I sort of start to find people.

I grew up in a really small community and while everyone was super loving, because it was so small, I was still worried about what people would think. And I was a shy teenager.

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It gets better. I know that there are other kids that are out there that might not feel okay. It's All Good, Love.

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Black Belt Eagle Scout Is Using Heartbreak To Create Rock Anthems About Queer Love