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The dongles all work with your DMX signal, so as wysiwyg dongle as your desk is outputting that you can connect anything you'd wnat even another PC.

Wysiwyg Lighting Design Visualisation Software

You mention the possibility wysiwyg dongle losing customers to an offline console which outputs DMX. That all works and is way better than Phantom Frog; so don't worry there!

Talking about Grand MA offline, this editor or virtual desk wysiwyg dongle only able to work via ethernet to communicate with a real console or wysiwyg dongle it. Any more questions? Please do not try to compete lighting desks which play in different leagues.

You're right, but MA has got an offline visualising tool too; that's another big difference. When wysiwyg dongle installing, do not reboot your computer.

Wysiwyg - Light Specials

Now install the Sentinel Protection Drivers. Find out more.

Posted 11 March - PM Sounds like Cast's usual policy of charging you wysiwyg dongle use something that you've already paid for and own. Posted 12 March - AM Are you sure there's not a decimal point missing in there?

Using better encryption algorithms for our dongles, we are protecting your investment and making wysiwyg more difficult to be tampered with by hackers. Finally, lighting designers can show wysiwyg dongle rest of the design team exactly what they are trying to achieve rather than relying on words to communicate complex visual ideas. To use a DMX lighting software or PC software, for example, DMX ports and fader or sub-master panels can be added to be able to control dimmers, automated fixtures and other standard lighting devices which do not usually have current standard computer interfaces.

The panels are connected to the computer via a USB port. Manufacturers or vendors of lighting control consoles often provide a PC software version of their consoles, but the software is programmed to work wysiwyg dongle with their own control panels or hardware DMX interface.


Click here to download SSD Cleanupa tool which will remove wysiwyg dongle and all remaining traces of dongle drivers from the computer. Please ensure that you download the correct version 32bit or 64 bitdepending on the version of Windows that you are using.

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Access is for days after the date wysiwyg dongle purchase. How many times can I use the credit refund system to put money towards a professional wysiwyg? Can I credit some funds towards a wysiwyg and have the rest refunded? The credit system is only applicable towards the wysiwyg dongle software. Hi, So I work at a college with a permanent Hog3 installation.


Posted 19 August - PM I dont mind the subscription at all as the product is getting better and better and the new fixtures have to be made and need to be paid for Unfortunately I'm not at all impressed with LC's paperwork side So membership renewal time again; don't suppose anyone has one of those 3dconnexion controllers gathering dust wysiwyg dongle would like to get rid of? Register Now!

Installing wysiwyg and Vivien Dongle Drivers in Parallels – CAST Software

Page 1 of 1 You cannot start a new topic You cannot reply to this topic. Posted 11 March wysiwyg dongle PM I would be very interested to hear if other WYSIWYG users were notified by CAST software by e-mail or any other means about the free dongle upgrade prior to Septemberas per this recent e-mail from a cast representative: "All wysiwyg users were sent emails during urging them to check their dongles and return any that were not compatible with newer versions to Canada for a free replacement.This step by step tutorial applies to both wysiwyg and Vivien. only supply the dongle Serial Code leaving the password field blank; you will be. On occasion, the driver required by the wysiwyg or Vivien dongle does not install correctly while the software itself is being installed.

In such.

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