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NA MXG. At the ftp prompt, type: bye 7. Search instead for.

Did you n5183a labview. At the User: prompt in the ftp window, press Enter no entry is required. At the Password: prompt in the ftp window, press Enter no entry is required.

At the ftp prompt, either put a file or get a file:. For more examples of put command usage refer n5183a labview Table 5- For more examples of get command usage refer to Table 5- I'm afraid not.

Keysight Electronic Measurement Products Agilent

See here's the funny thing. So it goes through that VI, reports no errors. Goes through the RF Power VI, and suddenly there is an error n5183a labview reported from the equipment - which strangely enough doesn't show up n5183a labview the actual equipment.

I'm calling Agilent to help with this, n5183a labview these drivers were provided by their company. There's just something going on that I can't understand. With the analog output being able to send out predefined or arbitrary waveforms make this a good tool when closed loop feedback or stimulus is required.

The sine wave has no need to do so because the value changes constantly. This will work as long as n5183a labview rest of your code in the loop can be run in a single clock cycle. Have a nice day I have n5183a labview a diagram of operation that hopefully, explains what I'm trying to do a little better. Once again thanks for looking!

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies N5183A

To get around the limit of ns, you should be able to use scripts n5183a labview the FGEN markers to achieve your goal. Anything you want to do is use of script with markers in alternating mode. You may want to toggle high then low rocker after the number of samples you want pulse is high n5183a labview your signal is present.

I've linked some information below that should be good resources for script for you if you are not familiar. Trigger on the arbitrary signal generators and n5183a labview waveform sequencing.


Creating an event marker in Script Mode. Script mode. I've specified the Gnerator settings by following the path:. But the wave of "sine" I got is not what I wanted to get. First of all, its amplitude is 1 V. If I wanted to get 1V I should have specified Amplitude as a Drivers>>Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies NA N5183a labview, Plug and Play (project-style), IEEE (GPIB), USB, Ethernet, LXI, None, Yes. Solved: I am connecting to a MXG RF signal generator (N) via lan, Labview using the labview driver.

I get the above error when.

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