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I have got freetrack and PS3 eye camera - both devices works ok, but : I wasnt able to play during the day becouse of too much light in my room. Stop freetrack ps3 eye and then stop FT. Mark Forums Read.

You freetrack ps3 eye have both installed but I will check my face track installation and see if it works with my PS eye cam. Scotty, For the "Freetrack Stopped working" error, download this patch files and place them on the Freetrack install directory overwriting the ones that are already there.

I just set facetrack NoIR with the pointracker addon to work with my PS3 eyecam, heres what I did:- 1 Run Cleye test and selected Option Tab then - Video Cap Filter Set All Auto checkboxes for unticked Set Freetrack ps3 eye slider fully left, exposure slightly right and white balance sliders in the middle you should see only the three LED's nicely depicted and no stray light interference. Last topics Topics without answers.


Pages 2 : [1] - 2. I am sitting about cm away from cam. The cam is set to 24bit x 60fps.

Freetrack + PS3 EYE - IR

You can ask at bmsforum and someone may answer you. I use it with the Delan Clip.


Many new monitors are already doing or Hz, then you rather want something like 75 in Opentrack instead of just 30 FPS. Ok mate, thanks, I think that as soon as there seem to not be any OT vsync I guess its best to have the faster possible frame rate so I will stay at 75fps if there is not any other opinion saying the opposite Human head is a very imprecise controller though. I thought of this, but I still dont know why its not working now, freetrack ps3 eye I have gotten the display to show just the LEDS and everything freetrack ps3 eye black already.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. At further distances a wide angle is not freetrack ps3 eye, more of the frame is unused and the effective resolution drops more rapidly. More peripheral light can also be seen, which can interfere with tracking.

TrackHat Forum - PS3 Eye Cam and Mic Fix

Viewing angle can be reduced by using digital zoom at the cost of resolution. In freetrack ps3 eye Controls menu, under the Main tab, you can see the different control options available using FreeTrack.

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Enabling this option allows you to control your mouse with FreeTrack. Added to Cart. Not Added.

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It sees freetrack ps3 eye but IR light, AND the light bulb in the room, which is fine, because it's not like the camera is pointed at it. Finally, the virtual pose is sent to the user's choice of outputs.


This is all done in the background, with tracking status displayed in the system tray. A 3D preview is available that shows the virtual head position and orientation for a given real head pose and can be viewed from multiple perspectives, including first-person. After you use Freetrack you first freetrack ps3 eye Stop then Close the program.Hi there, ?showtopic= Posted Image By using the search function on this forum you can already find a. I also have the Ps3 Eye Cam and freetrack ps3 eye been searching for the fix.

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But everytime I try to use it on Free Track, Free Track crashes immediately.

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