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The most common chipset, which is inside the fake EasyCap DC60 is SMI chipset and here is the newest drivers for it, which supports now also easycap smi 2021 Windows.

Zoneminder with multiple Somagic CAMs

There is not any installation software for UTV drivers, so You need to update the drivers via Device Manager or burn a new CD with this image file:. If You tried to install the drivers from Your installation disk and it didn't installed properly, so there is easycap smi 2021 an error mark on the Device Manager.

Thank you! After trying for hours to find a easycap smi 2021 driver, one of these worked. It may also be of worth to note for others that I discovered a much easier solution using an OTG cable with an Android phone or tablet, if that is an option for you. Thanks so much for your comment! I would have easycap smi 2021 though to use my phone! I purchased the Easy Capture.

My laptop would not run the mini disc that came with it. I downloaded the software through your site. It is asking easycap smi 2021 for my product key. Any ideas where to get that for the vhs to dvd application. I found it. Do you know anything about how to shield this device? I keep picking up radio broadcast as I am listening to my tapes and recording them.

Easycap Comparative - Syntonie

I was able to get mine functioning. Jesus Bless You! Paul, can you share how you got yours to work.


I have been trying for a long time. I have Windows 8. Yes, let us know Paul. Easycap smi 2021 see many people saying thanks but I have never been told what I can do to get the software. Thank you so much for your efforts in compiling this driver overview!

Manuals - EzCAP ArcSoft Showbiz v3. Instant DVD Recorder version 2.

If you downloaded it, could you please tell me which of them it was? Forget about my question! The problem was not the drivers, but the latest update on windows 10 easycap smi 2021 Somehow the update managed to mess up with driver installation. After taking ownership of three folders related to drivers on system32, I was able to get the easycap working. Thanks a lot, anyway! Hi Gabriel. Any Do you know how can I fix it?

EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, and 10 Visser I/O

Where have you download this new driver? Hi Romeu.

I am not sure this is going to solve your problem, since I did not have the driver installed when I updated Windows. However, I got the same yellow exclamation mark once I plugged the EasyCap. Everything I did to solve the situation easycap smi 2021 listed on the link below.


Just follow Zalyuts instruction! Hi Folks. I use Ubuntu Update: I've moved EasyCAP driver file easycap smi 2021 to Google Drive as Google Hello, I have a smicbe EasyCap and I've tried all of those. Configure EasyCAP SMICBE TV tuner card with debian Identifying the device. check the device ID with this command lsusb and the output should look.

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