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The Wake on LAN adapter option will provide a Y-cable that has the 3-pin riser card connector on 300gl video end and splits into the 3-pin and 2-pin connectors required to interface the card.


When a Wake on LAN adapter is installed in the system and attached to the AUX5 power, the system board Ethernet function must be disabled via switch 6 on the system board refer to System Board Switches on page 14 for switch information. Chapter 4. The power supply provides 3. Also included is an auxiliary 5-volt AUX 5 supply to provide power to power management circuitry and the system board Ethernet function, or a Wake on LAN adapter. The power supply converts the ac input voltage into four dc output voltages and provides power for the following: System board Adapters Internal drives Keyboard and auxiliary devices USB 300gl video A logic signal on the power connector controls the power supply; the front panel switch is not directly connected to the power supply. The power supply connects to the riser card with a 2 x 10 connector.

Power Input The following 300gl video shows the input power specifications. The power supply has a manual switch to select the correct input voltage.

IBM PC 300 GL 6288 - C 500 MHz - Monitor : none. Series Specs

Power Output The power supply outputs shown in the following figures include the current supply capability of all the connectors, including system board, 300gl video, PCI, and auxiliary outputs. Component Outputs The power supply provides separate voltage sources for 300gl video system board and internal storage devices.

The following figures show the approximate power that is provided for specific system components. Many components draw less current than 300gl video maximum shown. Typical power budget assumptions use 7. If maximum power is used, then the overall system configuration will be limited in performance.

Note: Some 300gl video and hard disk drives draw more current than the recommended limits. These adapters and drives can be installed in the system; however, the power supply will shut down if the total power used exceeds the maximum power that is available. Output Protection The 300gl video supply protects against output overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuits. See the power supply specifications on the previous pages for details.

Input not Supported - Win 98 / IBM PC 300GL

A short circuit that is placed on any dc output between outputs or between an output and dc return latches all dc outputs into a shutdown state, with no damage to the power supply. If this shutdown state occurs, the power supply returns to normal operation only after the 300gl video has been removed and the power switch has been turned off for at least one second. The total power used by the connectors must not exceed the amount shown in Component Outputs on page System Software This section briefly describes some of the system software included with the computer.

Also, initialization code is included for the on-board system devices and controllers. POST error codes include text messages for determining the cause of an error.


For more information, see Appendix D, Error Codes on page Advanced Power Management APM is a feature that reduces the power consumption of systems when they are not being used. When enabled, 300gl video initiates reduced-power modes for the monitor, microprocessor, and hard disk drive after a specified period of inactivity.

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300gl video enables the system to enter a power-managed state, which reduces the power drawn from the ac wall outlet. Refer to your operating system documentation to determine if ACPI is supported. Flash Update Utility Program The flash update utility program is a stand alone program to support flash updates. The flash update utility program is available on a 3.

It runs independently of the operating system. The user interface for running the diagnostics 300gl video utilities is provided by Watergate Software's PC-Doctor.

IBM PC GL user manual - - Solve your problem

For more information on this diagnostic program, see Using Your Personal Computer.Vintage IBM Personal Computer GL Rescue (Part One) I couldn't believe me luck 300gl video took it home. IBM Personal Computer Gl. Linux Betriebssystem. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions.

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