Need that companionship

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I have nothing against it, i think it's great that you've found somebody you want to spend time with, get to know more. I'm more so talking about people who are single, and feel like it's the end of the world for themjust because they don't. Maybe it's my slightly aromantic side coming out. What has triggered my question on though, is a good friend of mine.

He was in a relationship for well over a year, then him and his.

Need that companionship

It has been less then three weeks since their split, and he said that he's willing to find anybody to get into. In fact, he's now become extremely depressed and lonley because of his single life. It brought me to ask my best friend how she would feel if she were to be single. Her response was pretty much the same; depressed. Is it really so bad being single? For all those who are in a relationship i think it's wonderful that you have found somebody, but if you were to. That is interesting I've seen it in a of people, but there are definitely others who enjoy the single life and the freedoms that come with it.

It seems more needy for someone to want anyone for a relationship, as if to say they can't get through life on their own. I don't think that's a great basis for a relationship nor do I understand it much. I can see the desire for wanting to share life with someone and not be "alone," and be used to the comforting, but being single is definitely not the end of the world I know people like that I can't understand it, but perhaps that's because I've never been in a relationship so don't know what I'm missing out on.

As one of those people who really needs companionship, yes. It really is. I have never been in a relationship. I am not a happy person, and never have been. Recently I've actually been wondering if I might be depressed, and I am certain the cause is because I can't find a boyfriend.

As much as my inner feminist hates me saying this, I think I really do need a man in my life to feel happy. The right man, anyway. Some people can get by without close relationships, and that's fine, but I am not one of those people.

My situation is that I am an only child, with a highly introverted mother and a father who is usually overseas on business. My friends are all very independent, ambitious people who are too busy to see me often and more often than not also live overseas.

Need that companionship

As a result, I am alone most of the time, and I hate this. I'm not one of those people who doesn't mind being alone - I do mind it, a lot, and regularly cry myself to sleep because of it. Life has forced me to become independent, but that doesn't mean I like it.

I have a great relationship with my parents, and I think they are all that's keeping me sane, quite frankly. I want a boyfriend so that I could have someone who would be there for me when nobody else is - which is most of the time. I want someone to share my many hobbies with, someone to listen to my music and let me play for them all the songs I've written, someone who I can take out on adventures and show them all the things that I've discovered on my own but have so far been unable to tell anyone about.

When you grow up an only child, sharing things is almost a foreign concept - but I have a lot of things that I want to share with someone, and can't. Having said that, I'm definitely not desperate enough to get a boyfriend just because I'm lonely.

I have to have genuine and strong feelings for them. I've turned a lot of people down because of this. But I do need companionship. My life has been a very lonely one. I think this happens to pretty much everybody after they get out of a serious relationship. There's usually the "rebound" relationship where nothing much happens, but the two of them just want to spend time together to feel not so alone, to get ready to move on.

I don't think it has to do with a severe need for companionship, because I went through the same thing when I broke up with a girlfriend of a serious relationship which did not include sexand I got together with a girl who had just gotten out of a serious relationship and we were together about six months but barely even kissed It's just human nature to resist change.

I've never been in a relationship, so I don't know how I would react to a break-up, but I agree with you - it shouldn't be the end of the world. Being single is fun, too. I'd like a relationship, but as long as one is not forth-coming, I'm going to throw my single-ness in those couples' faces. I had several friends who felt they needed to validate their existences by being in a relationship. Mostly it was a self-esteem thing; they needed to be showered with affection or know that someone cared about them, and I even knew people who used ificant others as status symbols.

I think there's a lot of societal pressure to be in a relationship, so much so that people feel that their lives are somehow deficient. Some people are hooked on the drama of relationships and some people feel a greater need to act on their romance or sex drives than others, but I think a lot of it is societal pressure. But I personally think romantic situations are overdramatic festivals of pain and awkwardness, so what do I know? I personally feel that I have such an easy time being on my own because I have always been on my own emotionally.

I was never close with my parents or any of my family. In fact, I was fighting constantly to keep them away. Also, growing up with social anxiety really taught me to reflect on myself more often than seek others for ideas or reflections. I feel that I've actually grown so attached to myself that it is hard to allow anybody else to share my space. It's just like if someone is really close to somebody and they can't imagine having another person fill the space that particular friend or family member fills. But then I think there are some people who have a space that they frequently need filled and refilled when they find it is empty.

It's like a space they feel is missing from themselves. I could probably get into some pretty crazy ideas about the unconscious mind and the "material" I think that its made out of, but I'm pretty sure I'd run myself into mental dilemmas, and nobody would have any sweet clue what I was talking about.

So I'll just shut up. You say you're an only child? Maybe if you were to be in a relationship at some point, you may feel differently about it? That's true : Perhaps i'm just extremely adaptable. If you're a romantic and you've had a close relationship, leaving it is as hard as breaking an addiction. The goodies you get in a half-way decent relationship are addictive. Even a bad relationship can be addictive. After you've been out of it for a while, the addiction wears off. But it might be easier to use another, less-intensive relationship to help you along, kind of like chewing gum if you're trying to get over a smoking habit.

I'm a romantic so I don't know how aromantic people feel, but I envy them! Anything that reduces the angst a little bit is good. I am the same! Except I have a twin, but she is independent too even though she tends to have long term relationships, she is not wholly devoted to them, she likes to be on her own better.

But I find my oldest sibling is much more attached to the idea of company! She is more emotionally attached to the family as well. I think it's from all the attention she got from being an oldest sibling! The more attention you get the more you crave. It makes sense! She doesn't like being by herself. I have a friend who is an only child and is getting married. I always remember him being interested in companionship of some sort.

Need that companionship

It is so logical for him that people should be with another person. And he always felt this greater sense of loneliness from being an only child, always dreaming of having siblings. Because my siblings always bombarded me I am more likely to want to keep people away because I find they can take too much of my energy! Where you are positioned in the family hierarchy or dynamic, I think does play a really big role on how you feel toward yourself and toward other people.

Yes, it is Do you know what would happen if, for example, I was to have a heart attack and end up being hospitalized? No one would feed my animals, pay my bills, or come visit me in the hospital. My employer would be whining about going into bankruptcy. And if I died, who'd get all my assets and possessions?

I have no deated heirs, so the county would seize the house, my insurance company would have to locate my pre-teen nieces in Arizona, my animals would be separated and end up in any of shelters, my van would be impounded, no one would be available to claim ownership of my copyrights, and my possessions would be divvied up and sent to homeless shelters, liquidation houses, and the city dump, by estate movers.

Guess who gets to foot the bill? The taxpayers, of course! So, think about what the future is like for an only child whose closest relatives have all died and whose best friend happens to be of the fair-weather variety, next time you think living alone for the foreseeable future is no big deal. Do you really want a portion of your taxes to go to the cost of cremating some dead guy and cleaning out his house???

Need that companionship

I agree You do place a good point here, however, i never meant to say or imply that we should all bask in our singleness forever. I mean, yes, eventually, i think it would be nice to have someone to be with Wouldn't it be better to wait for someone you knew you really wanted to be with, rather then just pounce on the nearest single person avaliable. I'm also 18, and still live with my parents, as do most of my friends, they have plenty of time to find someone.

That opens up another can of worms. I'll repeat it for the zillionth time: finding the right person to share your life with is supposed to be a game which is not meant to make sense or be taken seriously. This is why, here in the USA at least, we don't have single people meeting at the town hot spot once a week, and we certainly don't see prospective dates and mates presenting their life assets to each other as if they were interviewing for jobs. I thought I was the last human being on Earth to learn this, but I guess not.

Need that companionship

I just think it's how the human race was made. We were made to pair up. We're not the only creatures who pair up for life. It's perfectly natural. Our complex set of emotions makes it so companions are often an important part of life. That's right. After breaking up people just need time to prepare themself for being alone.

It's just because they were accustomed that they had someone and it's suddenly not the part of their life anymore. About Your question, Niks- "normal" which maybe isn't here a good word to use people's biologic and psychic characteristics make them longing for relationship many of relationships- to have as many children as possible, "single" relationship- to establish comfortable and safe thing that they can build their life and confidence on, also mixed kind of people is possiblethat's why they need it so badly.

Need that companionship

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