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Need help troubleshooting? Just ask. Complementary Content. The use of an exclamation point is demonstrated in the second example program.

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The exclamation point marks the boundary between an executable statement and comment text. There does not have to be an executable statement on a line containing a comment. Exclamation points may be indented as necessary to help keep the comments neat. The REM statement hp f4380 also be used for comments.

The REM keyword must be the first entry after the line identifier and must be followed by hp f4380 least one blank. Here are some examples of proper and improper REM statements. Therefore, the following is not a list of rules. It is simply some suggestions on the effective use of comments.

Why was the program written, what does it do, and who would probably be using it? A descriptive variable name may do the job, or a more detailed explanation may be needed. These heavily coded operations can be very important to the computer and very mysterious to the human trying to read the program. Your choice depends upon hp f4380 you want to do next. Either of these keys terminates EDIT mode and returns the screen to the normal format. Another way to leave EDIT mode is to proceed with another operation. All of these keys t ermina te EDIT mode and perform their normal function. The RUN key starts normal progra hp f4380 execution.

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However, if hp f4380 program lines are changed while in EDIT mode, the program moves from the paused state into the stopped state. This tells the computer to go through a prerun phase and then begin normal hp f4380 execution with the lowest numbered line in the main program. The RUN command can also be followed by a line identifier that lets you specify where the program execution is to begin. Prerun There are three primary reasons for the prerun. The second purpose is to locate all the context boundaries.

The third purpose of the prerun is to detect errors that involve interaction between lines.


The previous section explained that the computer checks for syntax errors before it stores a program line. For example, a program line that uses properly placed subscripts can appear to be correct when it is stored. However, if that line references three dimensions in an array that had previously been declared to have only two hp f4380, it is in error.

Some other examples of this kind of error are specifying a ON END IF. Normal Program Execution Program execution is not a method for destroying programs although there are some reported cases of programmers having an urge to kill. The term execution is used to describe the process used by the computer while it is completing the tasks described in its program. The process of program execution is summarized below. Determine which program line is to be acted on next. Identify the statement that follows the line number and label if any on that line. If the statement has a run-time action, perform the action described hp f4380 the statement. The RUN comm and de termines which line is acted on first. Executing RUN with no parameters, or pressing the RUN key, causes the execution process to begin at the hp f4380 lowest-numbered line of the main program.

Execution can be started anywhere in the main program hp f4380 using the RUN command with a line identifier. If there is no line in the main program, execution begins with the line whose number is closest to and greater than The line identifier can also be a label. If there is no such label, an error results.


Note that the prerun phase is always the same, whether the actual execution begins at the program start or somewhere in the middle. Also, if a starting line is specified, that line must be in the main program. Even if the starting point is correctly specified, be alert to the effects of starting a program in the middle.Download the hp f4380 drivers, firmware, and software for your HP Deskjet F All -in-One is HP's official website that will help automatically detect.

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