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Page Power Consumption. The OSD options are extensive, and we could easily spend a number of pages discussing this model's flexibility.

The company dedicated a lot of effort to exposing the knobs and dials typically hidden in most mainstream display devices. Besides the stand, one of the first things we noticed when unpacking this monitor was its monstrous size. LUT A LUT Look Up Table contains precalculated sets of values nec multisync pa271w are used to apply transformations to the input color data so that the resulting data meets certain the desired visual standard and color accuracy. Colors The maximum number of colors, which the display nec multisync pa271w able to reproduce, depends on the type of the panel in use and color enhancing technologies like FRC.

Aspect ratio The ratio between the horizontal and the vertical side of the display.

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Resolution Nec multisync pa271w about the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical side of the screen. USB hub. Video Video Output. We had a black depth of 0.

Colour accuracy nec multisync pa271w also confirmed to be very good with average dE of 0. Maximum was listed up to 1. If you return into the software you can edit the calibration curves of your monitor if you wish from within the review menu if you need to do any tweaking.

It was easy to use and set up, had a nice range of options and produced some very pleasing results. I expect it will offer even greater results when combined with the SV edition of the screen with full hardware LUT adjustments. BasICColor make some very high quality and well regarded calibration software as well, so it's no wonder this is returning us some great results. Given the hand picked panels, extra factory tuning and the ability to complete a nec multisync pa271w hardware LUT calibration, the SV model should return even greater results than we have seen here. Again, for many in the professional market, true and full hardware calibration is a must and so this is where the SV version fits in. The website states "The software analyzes these measurements and sends colour adjustment commands directly to the display monitor.

This means that colour adjustments are made in the monitor rather than in the video graphics adapter, resulting in full use of the number of colours available on the graphics adapter and a much brighter image with the maximum possible colour gamut. With SpectraView II, the video graphics adapter is not used at all to make any gamma or Tone Response Curve corrections to the display, so the full colour resolution and fidelity of the system is maintained. I clarified this with NEC who confirmed that the software will work with the PAW regular edition, as well as the SV model and is not limited by the communication between software and monitor firmware that nec multisync pa271w European version is.

NEC Europe consider it to be a bit of a shortcut to the full potential from this monitor. On the plus side, it can be used with the regular PAW model anywhere in the World, so you can carry out a hardware level calibration of the screen even if you have not bought the SV model.

27" NEC MultiSync PAW - Specifications

This is a plus point as you can now take advantage of the hardware calibration to a degree. However on the negative side, part of the point of the SV model was to have that extra high end performance that some users nec multisync pa271w the market require. If you use this software on the regular PA model you are missing out on the hand picked panels, extra tuning and extra performance of the SV screen. Part of this relates to the fact that the US SpectraView II software can calibrate at a hardware level, but only a matrix based profile is used. The Euro software can create a hardware based table profile which is superior in accuracy. As a summary I would say that the US software is a bit of a quick fix in some regards to using the PA screen with hardware calibration.

For absolute top end performance you would ideally want to use the PASV edition with the Nec multisync pa271w software, giving you full table based profiling at a hardware level, and with a superior piece of software. In the US, the SV version of the screen is still available although apparently the only differences with the SV edition there are that it is bundled with the SV II software and a calibration tool. The screen itself remains unchanged and both packages can be used with the SV II software for hardware level calibration.

NEC PAW Review - TFTCentral

Thankfully v1. When you load the software up it identifies the screen and you're nec multisync pa271w. When we tested the PAW it just gave an error saying it was not compatible v1.

F eatures and benefits:. Make an offer:. Scroll down for more details.


Color accuracy was also quite good but not perfect; nec multisync pa271w shown on the CIE chart below, reds, greens, and blues were all very close to their ideal CIE coordinates but not spot-on the closer each dot is to its corresponding box, the more accurate the color. That said, colors appeared evenly saturated and uniform on the Color Scales and Full Screen Color tests and there was no evidence of tinting in the grayscale. The IPS panel delivered outstanding viewing angle performance. Even more representative, colour space is saved as a presetallowing easy switching between desired image quality setting0s. Monitor settings can be changed from the computer with compatible MultiProfiler.

NEC MultiSync PA271W

nec multisync pa271w By automatically creating and setting the ICC profile best suited to the image quality settings, computer and monitor settings can be easily matched. The best password managers of and how to use them.The 27" NEC MultiSync PAW, nec multisync pa271w widescreen LCD display ideal for graphics and photography applications, makes even your most demanding color-critical.


FCC Class B certified, MPR II, CSA, UL, TUV GS, C-Tick, GOST, cUL, MPR III, PCBC, PCT, CCC, TUV Ergo, PSB, RoHS, TCO DisplaysISO

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