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This isolation level means that you will attach read locks when reading data, but these locks will disappear as soon as your cursor moves off the current connection string for iseries access odbc. This isolation level is appropriate for reporting programs or programs that will only read data. Any inserts, updates and deletes can not be rolled back in this isolation level and will be committed immediately. Note that this is the only isolation level that can be used when working with non-journaled tables. To place ADO connections into another isolation level, you should use the connection objects isolation level property. Also, remember that once you are connected your program can change the isolation level value during its connection; this keyword only covers the initial isolation level. In addition, changing the isolation level usually implies a commit operation, so you should keep this in mind when programming with Connection string for iseries access odbc.

Insert, Update, Delete, Create, etc. I use this value when coding user connection string for iseries access odbc applications to ensure that the user can only issue SQL Select or stored procedure calls. Next, execute the following VB code; you will not be able to call the procedure unless you do this. The default value is 0which specifies that the user should only be able to call stored procedures when not in read only mode. A setting of 1 specifies that the user can call procedures even when the connection attribute is set to read only.

This keyword is only useful if you are programming directly to the ODBC API and are setting the connection attribute to read only in your code and would like to call procedures. The DBQ keyword, can also be specified as DefaultLibrariesallows you to specify the library list that the connection should have.

Connection string keywords

You can specify the connection string for iseries access odbc as a list separated by commas or spaces. If you do not use this keyword in connecting, the system will use the server library list as the connected jobs library list. In addition, it is important to know that the first library specified in this list is used as the default library. The default library is where any objects you create, which are not qualified with a library namewill be created.

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If you do not want to have a default library, begin this list with a comma. A few other considerations about the library list are important to understand. Let connection string for iseries access odbc say you have a library on your iSeries called X but you place X12 into your library list and there is no corresponding library X12 on your iSeries; your library list will not be replaced because of the invalid library. In addition, if you specify a library twice in the list your library list may not be replaced, this depends a lot on the version of Client Access and the PTF level on your iSeries.


Finally, the way the library list is used bears some consideration and changes based on the naming convention you are using, see the NAM keyword. This happens even if connection string for iseries access odbc set the Default Library for the user profile. Any un-qualified table names must exist in the default library, either first in the list or your user name, see rules 1 and 2or they will not be found. However, if your user profile is set to have a default library, that will be your default library. However, the user profile you use to connect will override this if the profile has a default library set.

Specifies a bit integer translation option that is passed to the translation DLL. This parameter is optional.

File DSN for iSeries AS ODBC connection - Stack Overflow

The meaning of this option depends on the translation DLL that is being used. Refer to the documentation provided with the translation DLL for more information. Specifies a query options file library. Specifies Db2 for i SQL diagnostic options to be set.

Connecting to IBM DB2 for i (ODBC)

INI: Trace. Specifies one or more trace options. Contains the preference for concurrent access resolution. This property identifies how a row lock conflict should be handled when it is encountered.

This property only applies to read-only queries with isolation level CS. This option should be used only if you have the ability to change the ODBC application's source code. Specifies one or more options on how date, time, and timestamp data types are reported to an application. This option supports cases in which date values such as are used. INI: Debug.

Specifies one or more debug options. Specifies how to handle autocommit support. Now autocommit can run under any isolation level.

Hi ToneTag. I think Curt was wanting you to copy the query formula text from the Advanced Editor and paste it here.Connection Strings using iSeries Access ODBC for connections to AS/ Connection Strings using Client Access ODBC for connections to AS/

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