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Cleveland Hibore XL Driver 2nd Swing Golf

Posted at pm February 16, Bryan. Posted at pm February 16, Sean. Posted at pm August 9, Curtis. Subscribe If you'd like to get the latest golf equipment reviews and information about free golf equipment give aways, please subscribe by providing your email highbore xl below.

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver

Private collection title. Carlo, I am not a club-fitter. Still, since highbore xl liked your old shaft, I recommend that you put your old graffaloy shaft highbore xl if the hosel fits and try it. Option 2 would be to pay for a real fitting with multiple shaft options.

I am a 10 handicap golfer who tends to hit everything high. My clubhead speed is with the driver but the highbore xl is usually the problem. Even hitting 8.


I think the main cause is to much backspin. Do you think the 8. Somehow highbore xl are creating more loft on your driver than you want.

A shaft change — higher kickpoint — may help you get the clubhead in a better position. These hybores are made to send the ball highbore xl. May not be your club. The New HiBore is a big difference, I normally have a draw to my shot, Which I love, but I can get a little to much, and then its trouble. The open face corrects that draw. I now hit it highbore xl or a very slight draw. My drive is last not really lost any distance in comparison to my Launcher Comp.


I have noticed a highbore xl more consistency in shot type. I am 17 and been playing for about 4 months, about 3 times a week. Also what kind of shaft should I use, I hit the ball consistently My experience with the XL hibore highbore xl that it does not reduce a fade.

My last driver, an FT3 was a good driver which I normally hit straight or highbore xl a small fade, but I did not like the sound or feel which did not change much between a good or bad shot. The XL certainly has a great sound, more a crack but not highbore xl loud. The normal shot is a fade and if I really try, a straight shot. I play off 7 and try as I may hit it about yds.


The number of people that hit and use X shafts according to golfers who post on websites, amazes me. I have highbore xl to play with someone who does!.

Today's Golfer

From my experience with the XL, I would say the red in stiff flex would be the way to go. Even with a rusty swing, this club launches the ball extremely straight, and puts on a lot of hang time. I have never ever seen my drives go as straight as what this Hibore XL can do for me… unbelievable. Like some reviewers and posters highbore xl, you must get this club fitted to your swing speed and launch angles to get the best of it all. Everyone seems to be buying the Burner. In my group one guy gets 50 yards highbore xl. He use to hit yards with a horrendous slice but now goes down the center. Another buddy that bought the burner who is also a slicer pulls his shot to the left and then it slices back to the center. He hits his drive With the Burner he goes to and down the middle. If you read all the golfers review they all say the same thing, straight and down the middle with a bunch more yards.

Slicers love it.

I tend to hit a draw and am not sure Burner will work for me.Got Hibore XL loft with blue aura gd 65g stiff last 3 mouths. I firstly had a struggled time to click with it. After I tried out several time in the range and also some. Distance Driven Geometry positions the Center of Gravity (CG) low and deep in the clubhead to align the sweet spot and hotspot • An highbore xl, cc clubhead.

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