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acer xg270hu Welcome Guest. The XGHU provided a good overall gaming screen, with some strong panel performance but a lack of some of the bells and whistles you will find from some other competing screens. Being a gaming screen there are a few areas of importance to focus on. The menu is full-featured, with 5 screen acer xg270hu available for Movie, Standard, etc. If you're not a fan of presets there's an additional menu that lets you make more precise tweaks for Gamma, Saturation, Color Temperature and a feature called "Super Sharpness" which is a binary sharpness setting that's either on or off.

Acer XGHU Review & Rating

It simply makes everything sharper, and in my professional opinion made things look too sharp. Small text and graphical details looked distorted when it was turned on so I acer xg270hu it off. There is no VESA mount capability, however. The response time is just one millisecond on this anti-glare screen. The maximum monitor resolution is 2, pixels by 1, pixels, and it offers an aspect ratio of Additional Product Features Monitor Color. Show More Show Acer xg270hu.

Acer XGHU 27" 2K x 1ms Hz AMD FreeSync Technology Edge-to-Edge Fra eBay

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It is not eliminated entirely due to the nature of the sample-and-hold LCD display and the tracking of your eyes. No matter how fast the refresh rate and pixel response times are, you cannot eliminate the perceived motion blur without acer xg270hu methods.

Unfortunately there is no Blur Acer xg270hu mode available from this screen so you are not able to reduce perceived motion blur further using a strobe backlight. See the relevant section in our BenQ XLZ review for an idea of how much blur can be eliminated using a strobe backlight system. Additional Gaming Features. There are options for full, aspect and pixel mapping.


Nice to see an automatic aspect ratio option available which will maintain the source input aspect ratio and scale to fill as much of the screen as possible. Also great to see a pixel mapping mode. These are certainly useful for connection of external games consoles etc not running at x resolution. Preset Modes - There is a no specific 'game' mode available in the OSD eColor menu, so acer xg270hu you wanted something different for your gaming uses you might want to try one of the other modes, which have preset brightness levels. We have written an in depth article about input lag and the various measurement techniques which are used to evaluate this aspect of a display.

It's important to first of all understand the different methods available and also what this lag means to you as an end-user.


Input Lag vs. Display Lag vs. Signal Processing.

To avoid confusion with different terminology we will refer to this section of our reviews as just "lag" from now on, as there are a few different aspects to consider, and different interpretations of the term "input lag". We will consider the following acer xg270hu here as much as possible. The overall "display lag" acer xg270hu the first, that being the delay between the image being shown on the TFT display and that being shown on a CRT.

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This is what many people will know as input lag and originally was the measure made to explain why the image is a little behind when using a CRT. The older stopwatch based methods were the common acer xg270hu to measure this in the past, but through advanced studies have been shown to be acer xg270hu inaccurate.


In practice the signal processing is the element which acer xg270hu the feel of lag to the user, and the response time of course can impact blurring, and overall image quality in moving scenes. As people become more aware of lag as a possible issue, we are of course keen to try and understand the split between the two as much as possible to give a complete picture.


The signal processing element within that is quite hard to identify without extremely high end equipment and very complicated methods. Other techniques which are being used since are not conducted by Thomas he is a freelance writer or based on this equipment or technique, and may also be subject to other errors or inaccuracies based on our conversations with him since. It's very hard as a result to produce a technique which will measure just the signal processing on its own unfortunately. Many measurement techniques are also not explained and so it is important to try and get a picture from various sources if possible to make an informed judgement about a display overall. For our tests we will continue to use the SMTT tool to measure the overall "display lag".Discover more about Acer Acer xg270hu omidpx.

1 ms GTG - Twisted Nematic Film ( TN Film) - Screen: 27" WQHD ( x ) Hz - Panel Technology. Acer ETQU Abmiprx " WQHD ( x ) IPS Monitor with AMD FREESYNC Technology. Acer Nitro XVU Pbmiiprzx 27" WQHD ( x ) IPS Monitor with AMD Radeon. Acer Gaming Monitor 28” KGK bmiipx x AMD FREESYNC Technology (HDMI &.

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