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  • Orion Skyquest XT8 / XT10 Intelliscope Computer Object Locator System Review
  • ASCOM Driver for Digital Setting Circles
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  • ASCOM Driver for Digital Setting Circles

Whether the system intelliscope will work? The larger the telescope, the more detail you will see.

You ascom intelliscope identify two available alignment stars in the sky before even turning the Object Locator on. If more than 5 minutes elapse between entering alignment stars, then pointing accuracy may be somewhat diminished. ASCOM version 4. Install the Starry Night Pro software. Follow all prompts and change discs as necessary.

BETI & ASCOM Astro Devices

Sometimes, the installer may allow you to repair or uninstall the program as well. Some people prefer to pre-load the collimation screws by tightening them all down and adjust by loosening each one in turn. The ascom intelliscope to this approach is that you have completely un-collimated the scope and are starting from the beginning. Is the LaserMate Ascom intelliscope dangerous? During the collimation procedure, it is also important to avoid direct reflections of the laser beam into your eye. Rather, look only at off-axis reflections to determine the position of the laser spot on the mirrors. It is safe to view the laser when it is reflected off a surface that will diffuse the light, such as the bottom surface of the LaserMate.

It is also safe to view the reflection off a mirror surface as long as the beam is not directed into your eye. Ascom intelliscope of the potential danger from the laser beam, store your LaserMate out of the reach of children. How do I care for and maintain my Collimating Eyepiece? Because there are no lenses in the Collimating Eyepiece, care and maintenance is minimal.

It is a good idea to ascom intelliscope any obvious dirt on the inside or outside of the eyepiece so that the dirt does not get into the telescope tube during the collimation process. To clean the eyepiece, use a blower bulb or a moist cotton swab to remove dirt from inside the barrel, and simply wipe the outside with a damp cloth. Make sure not to disturb the crosshairs, as bending or breaking may result.


Ascom intelliscope best bet is to store the Collimating Eyepiece in a case for easy access. How do I align a finder scope?

How To Connect Orion Intelliscope XT8i To SN7 (Wired & Wireless Options)

ascom intelliscope Before you use the finder scope, it must be precisely aligned with the telescope so they ascom intelliscope point to exactly the same spot. Alignment is easiest to do in daylight, rather than at night under the stars.

Then point the telescope at a discrete object such as the top of a telephone pole or a street sign that is at least a quarter-mile away. Position ascom intelliscope telescope so the target object appears in the very center of the field of view when you look into the eyepiece. Now look through the finder scope. Use the alignment thumb screws to ascom intelliscope the object on the crosshairs of the finder scope. Finder scopes can come out of alignment during transport or when removed from the telescope, so check its alignment before each observing session.


How do I focus the finder ascom intelliscope If, when looking through the finder scope, you notice that the image is fuzzy, you will need to focus the finder scope for your eyes.

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vt8623 apolloHow to Uninstall ASCOM Intelliscope Telescope Driver Completley?
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Different finder scopes focus differently; most Orion finder scopes include a ascom intelliscope ring near the objective and focus as follows: ascom intelliscope. Comments Error posting comment. Yes, the IntelliScope Dobsonians are fully functional with equatorial platforms. This requires turning off the internal clock of the Object Locator, which is a menu option for the "hidden functions. What can I do to ensure best pointing accuracy?

Stellarium / Discussion / Feedback:Whether the system intelliscope will work?

Besides proper assembly, make sure the vertical stop is precisely adjusted by means of a carpenter's level. Also, use a high-powered illuminated reticle telescope eyepiece to center the alignment stars. This is because the heat from the Sun warms the air and causes turbulence. It simply ascom intelliscope the air is free of moisture, smoke, and dust. One good way to tell if conditions are good is by how many stars you can see with your naked eye. If you cannot see stars of magnitude 3. Magnitude is a measure of how bright a star is, the brighter a star is, the lower its magnitude will be.

Orion SkyQuest XT8 IntelliScope su valdymo pulteliu

A good star to remember for this is Megrez mag. If you cannot see Megrez, then you have fog, haze, clouds, smog, light pollution or other conditions that are hindering your viewing.ASCOM Standards for Astronomy Telescope Hub (POTH) with Dome control; Optical Guidance Ascom intelliscope research-grade telescopes; Orion Intelliscope series. Google only comes up with a driver not supported since Anyone know if an Intelliscope driver exists which will work with ASCOM 6SP3?.

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