Bighorn MT wife swapping

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Getting night gear at Porcupine Ranger Station mile Hard finish in Dayton, Wyoming. Having children is a blessing. I love their energy, how much laughter there is in our house, and their undying creativity. It makes me feel younger and I adore them. But, as every parent knows, with kids comes sacrifice. Runs at 10pm with a headlamp or getting up at am to get to a long training run in so I can get back to hang out with the family—losing sleep to train. The one thing every parent understands is the sympathy and heartfelt pain you endure to watch your child heaving their guts out over the toilet, or worse yet, all over your bed at 2am.

The dreaded flu bug. So, 5 days before Bighorn and 36 hours before we were to leave for our BighornMontana-camping-family-week-of-fun vacationyou can understand my horror and disbelief on Sunday night when my daughter started throwing up. By Monday afternoon, my fears were confirmed when my son started throwing up too.

The flu! Definitely the flu. I washed my hands like a doctor going to surgery, I took every supplement we had in the cabinet to boost my immune system. I waited. We postponed leaving until Wednesday morning, our drop-dead leave time to make it to check-in in Sheridan, Wyoming by Thursday evening 1, miles away. My son quit throwing up on Tuesday and we decided to take the kids and let them recover on the road.

After all, their grandparents were coming. My daughter was feeling way better by Wednesday afternoon and came out of the funk to be quite the little joker in the car and start eating like a horse. Back to normal. Thank you, Lord. My son was another story. He was still not eating, sipping on drinks, slept a ton on the drive. He was weak. We were worried. He was being a tough little dude. No complaining. I was proud of him, but we were questioning whether we made the right decision in having them, especially him, make the trip.

We made it to Sheridan with 15 minutes to spare for check-in on Thursday evening. My parents came to see their grandkids and Benjamin barely talked to them. He was out of it.

Bighorn MT wife swapping

I was tired, but felt okay still. I was worried about him.

Bighorn MT wife swapping

Then, to add to it all, I was up the night before the race from amam with him in the toilet at the campground. He seemed a little better, but still was having emergency trips to the bathroom. I was worried about my little guy. His legs were giving out while I was racing. He was refusing food and drink. Jennifer finally gave him an ultimatum on Friday afternoon, chug a glass of Emergen-C or go to the Emergency Room. His electrolytes were way out of whack.

Bighorn MT wife swapping

You do what you have to to get them back. I woke up on race morning, ate, and did my usual pre-race ritual. She gave me a potent Oregano Oil pill and gave me a little hug. I took it and laid down to wait for start time. I know some of you reading may criticize me for downplaying a 3rd place finish and a time at Bighorn, but please understand this post is not meant to be cocky, but more of a emotional purge. We had to get a motel room and I laid in the fetal position doubled over from cramps in bed for 16 hours with fever and chills.

By Monday afternoon 18 hours laterI was coming out of it and felt a lot better by Monday evening. About the same window as the kids flu spell earlier in the week. I know this course, I was, until this year, undefeated in every showing with 3 wins there. It was MY course.

Bighorn MT wife swapping

Mike Wolfe threw down a very, very fast time…and Joe too. I may not have pulled out win 4 even running on all cylinders, but, what Mike ran is what I wanted to run that day too. My goal splits were to be right there where he was.

I was ready. I had a killer spring of training that involved 70 days straight in March and April with no days off from running.

Bighorn MT wife swapping

I was fit for a sub run and I could feel it. But, what can I say? Life is unpredictable. Curve balls come and you just have to roll with it. What will be will be. I wanted to fly, I just flu. I normally can remember every aid station split to the minute and recall it back with razor sharp accuracy. Not this time. Needless to say, I never felt right. Where am I now?

Things are looking up. Everyone in the Browning household is healthy. The kids are eating strawberries and cucumbers like there is no tomorrow. My garden is growing quite well and summer is finally here. The Cascade high country is opening up for training.

Things are looking up indeed. Thus, my 3rd trip to Bighorn began…. This year the whole family was making the 1, mile trek to the Bighorns: Jennifer, our two kids 5 and 2and Mabel the dog. We hit a campground in Idaho on Monday night, then two nights south of Livingston, MT on Tuesday and Wednesday night where we got in a nice family hike up to a waterfall, and I enjoyed my final training run up to snow line as well. Our arrival in Wyoming on Thursday around 1pm started with another slight hitch.

We were coming through southern Montana on I and I was running low on fuel. I kept thinking the next exit would have a gas station, but unbeknownst to me, there is a mile gap with no services from southern Montana to northern Wyoming. Ranchester, WY our exit to Dayton had the first services.

But, to be safe, we said a little family prayer to get us to the gas station. I quickly jammed the car in neutral, turned off the radio and the air conditioner and hit the flashers, rolled through the stop and started coasting. We coasted down the hill, hit a flat bridge and we slowed down to 15, 14, 13, 12 mph…luckily I was towing the tent trailer and the weight behind us got us over the flat bridge and the final little hill into the edge of town and sure enough…a gas station…but on the other side of the street….

I raised my hands to heaven and gave thanks. Come into Dayton on fumes, nothing left. We dropped the tent trailer in Dayton, and drove to Sheridan to check-in, drop off drop bags and meet up with my folks who were crewing for me. I have to say, I was a little bummed when I heard the course would be different due to 3 feet of snow and 7 foot drifts at Porcupine Ranger station. I really wanted to go after the course record this year. I felt really fit and ready. I hit the sack about pm. The weather was mostly cloudy and in the 70s, with an afternoon chance of thunderstorms.

The Race After the traditional prayer and national anthem, a good luck kiss from my wife and kids, we were off up the Tongue River Canyon. TyJustin and I settled in together with a couple of guys ahead of us as we hit the singletrack before the first major climb. We soon reeled in one guy and let the other guy go, as he was hammering right out of the blocks.

We all settled into a nice train of about guys with the one out in front about yards or more. Right before the first climb starts, there is a water stop. Justin and I stopped and topped off one of our bottles, while Ty took the lead of the small group. Justin and I reed the group, bringing up the rear. We all settled into hiking the first big hill with a few short jogs on flatter sections.

About halfway up, I found myself feeling like I was waiting on the line, and decided to get in front of the group at the next flatter, runnable section, which I did and Justin followed. I picked up the pace a bit and soon, just below the fence row, it was me, Justin and Ty with a small gap on the other guys, with the one guy Jesse from Bozeman, MT out in front still.

JustinTyand I left together and we proceeded to make the climb up to Freezeout Point new section this year.

Bighorn MT wife swapping

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